When A Destructive Wolf Joins An Escape Game – Ch.4 (Part 1)

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The unexpected “no way” from Gu Mozhi not only shocked the players, but the female ghost was also stupefied for a long time. After that, she angrily asked: “Is this your hospitality?”

The system previously said that the night watchman should receive the coming mourning guests well. Therefore, they cannot neglect the “guest” that was in front of this person.

The players instantly panicked. Say, could it be that they must really allow the female ghost to go in?!

Gu Mozhi looked on coldly and remained unmoved. The female ghost was furious and extended out her claws, swollen by blisters. They didn’t expect her to surprisingly have long and thin sharp nails, which didn’t look easy to be trifled with. She suddenly scratched towards Gu Mozhi and was about to lay her hands on him quickly and viciously.



The next second, the sound of heavy objects falling and screams sounded at the same time.

The little girl had already closed her eyes subconsciously, and she didn’t know when the corner of the clothes that she was holding in her hand was pulled away. She waited for a long time, but there was no more movement, only a dead silence in the air. She nervously opened her eyes to look, fearing to see big brother lying dead on the spot.

As a result…

Outside the entrance, the puffy female ghost lay down across the street with a trance look on her face, and was getting hurt by the big bean-sized raindrops hitting on her. And in the doorway of the mourning hall, the particularly impolite “human” boy was standing on one foot, slowly rubbing the foot that kicked her out just a short while ago gently against the threshold a few times.

Gu Mozhi’s brows furrowed even tighter. This female ghost was covered with sewage and soiled the sole of his shoe. Fortunately, he reacted quickly. He rushed to the female ghost and kicked the other party out before she entered the room. Otherwise, all the dirty water would have then flowed into the room.

After he finished rubbing, he looked down at the ground splashed by a few drops of water, and said to the female ghost outside the entrance unhappily: “You are very dirty. Are you going to take responsibility for cleaning the ground when it is soiled?”

Female ghost: “…” I want to swear, but I can’t. So angry!

“Wipe off with clean water and come in again.” The great demon Gu Mozhi ordered.

The female ghost was outraged. Wipe you big-headed ghost. They, the ghosts, have always been responsible for making things dirty and not responsible for cleaning up. If she breaks the rule this time, then what face will she have to meet her colleagues next time? This human boy was too arrogant. Here, however, was their ghost territory, and their Lord God Daren* was still watching from above!

(T/N: 大人 – title of respect toward superiors)

The female ghost who was aware that she had a backing did not reply to Gu Mozhi’s nonsense at all. She immediately got up and pounced over in the blink of an eye. It was merely a mistake just now. Her actions were too slow and she was intercepted by the other side. This time, she will surely be able to kill this ignorant boy.

“Bang——” Another kick.

Little girl: “…”

“Ahhh!” The female ghost screamed madly and pounced over again in a flash.

“Bang——” The third time.

Everyone: “…”

“Did your brain get damaged by blisters?” Gu Mozhi had a complete headache. It was the first time he saw such a persistent ghost.

You know, at that time in purgatory, when he was looking for food, one or two of those ghosts were very shrewd and sly. When he caught them, they still knew how to talk about conditions, stall for time, and find opportunities to escape. How can there be a fool like this, who was about to become a Chinese dish, and still stubbornly insists on delivering itself to their natural enemy? And when she got kicked off the second time, shouldn’t she have the awareness that she was no match for him?

The female ghost was lying on the ground and did not respond for a long time.

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