When A Destructive Wolf Joins An Escape Game – Ch.3 (Part 3)

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As the sound of water drew nearer, the restless crowd became even more agitated. There was some commotion among a group of people hiding beside a corner of the entrance as they emerged. After a while, several players slowly moved to the doorway together and checked to see the situation outside.

The unknown was the most frightening thing. They wanted to take a look at what was coming so that they can be psychologically prepared.

The female ghost was already very close by now, just ten meters away. She was covered in a dirty white dress and was swollen all over, like a corpse that had been blistered for a long time. Sensing the movement at the entrance of the mourning hall, she slowly raised her head and showed a twisted smile to the several people who probed their heads out.


That face scared several people into an endless panic. This was definitely not a living person, this was a real ghost!

Almost instantaneously, a player ran away. He subconsciously rushed out of the entrance, ran in the opposite direction of the female ghost, and directly rushed into the heavy rainfall.

But before he had gotten far, he released an outburst of screams. After a while, he fell to the ground, and there was no more movement.

All these changes only took ten seconds, and no one has responded at all. The player who had been looking out at the situation together with him was stunned. He almost rolled and crawled away from the doorway after he came back to his senses.

This was very strange. How did he die as soon as he ran out? Could it be that there was a problem with the rain?

The player’s corpse was not far away, and even an ordinary person could see that there were no traces of corrosion on the body under the bright moonlight. However, Gu Mozhi saw patches of dark spots slowly appearing from the places hit by the raindrops, just like an ink brush dotting on a blank piece of paper, blooming into a large area.

That was…

“What’s that on his body?!” The pink-haired youth with good eyesight was incessantly stunned.

“It’s livor mortis.” Gu Mozhi replied.

The college girl’s eyes widened. She was a little nearsighted, so she also didn’t see any dark spots at all. But now, she was glad that fortunately, she didn’t see it, or else she might have become scared.

This rain was too strange. It seemed that they couldn’t run out of the entrance. They could only stay inside the mourning hall.

The players heard their conversation and became even more uneasy. And that sound, as if it was walking in the water, was also finally close at hand, making people distraught with anxiety.

The atmosphere gradually became heavy. One step at a time, two steps at a time, the rustling sound. At last, the female ghost came to the front of the entrance and stopped.

Everyone fled away to the distance, hoping to be further away from her. Even the pink-haired youth duo couldn’t help retreating a few steps back to a corner. Only Gu Mozhi was still standing in place, looking at her with a strange expression of excitement and disgust. No one knew what he was thinking.

“Excuse me, may I come in?” The female ghost stood in front of the door with her head down, and her voice hoarse.

No one dared to answer her, for fear that after agreeing, the other party would come in and go on a killing spree. They’ve heard a lot of ghost stories, all of which say that dirty things shouldn’t be allowed to enter a door rashly.

For some reason, Gu Mozhi also didn’t speak.

The atmosphere was immediately in a deadlock, the wind and rain outside the room gradually intensified, and the howling night wind made everyone feel cold all over. The female ghost suddenly looked up, and fixed her eyes on Gu Mozhi in front of her, asking once again: “Excuse me, may I come in?”

They originally thought it would still be silent. Who thought that Gu Mozhi would surprisingly open his mouth: “No way.”

The author has something to say:

Gu Mozhi: Dirty. I refuse.

Female ghost who doesn’t love cleanliness: ???

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