When A Destructive Wolf Joins An Escape Game – Ch.3 (Part 2)

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The sound of water outside the room grew louder.

The bored pink-haired youth bowed his head and fiddled with his fingers to pass the time, glancing up at the surroundings now and then.

“Huala——” The sound became a bit louder.

The pink-haired youth turned to look outside the room. This rain won’t turn into a torrential downpour with the water flooding the room, right?


He instantly stood up and approached the entrance. Although the rainwater fell to the ground and merged into a “stream”, it didn’t make any loud noise. There were no water drains or a large flight of steps nearby. Therefore, the clattering sound certainly has nothing to do with the rain.

The sound was getting louder and louder. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t that it was getting louder, but that the sound was getting closer and closer!

The pink-haired youth cautiously walked to the side of the entrance, leaned his head out carefully, and looked over at the place where the sound came from. At the end of the long street, he saw an obscure object slowly approaching.

What-what is that thing?!

“Wu…” Gu Mozhi smelled a whiff of fragrance in his sleep. He slowly opened his eyes and inhaled deeply.

The scent was getting stronger and stronger.

Gu Mozhi touched his stomach. He was hungry.

Just as Gu Mozhi followed the smell and looked towards the door, the pink-haired youth also happened to rush over and pushed the sleeping girl, shouting: “Quickly wake up! Something is coming!”

His voice woke not only the girl but also the other people in the room. In this kind of place, no one dared to sleep profoundly. They all woke up as soon as there was any movement, but they still haven’t realized what had happened for a while.

Gu Mozhi saw that the little girl also woke up, then he let go of her. He went back to minding his own business and stood up, and then headed over to the entrance. There was a shed at the entrance of the mourning hall to keep out the rain. Gu Mozhi stood under the shed and looked in the direction of where the sweet smell was coming. At this time, that “thing” was already getting closer and closer.

Gu Mozhi’s eyesight was good, and he could naturally see what it was. His brows immediately furrowed, and then he turned his head back to the room.

“What do you see?” The female student pulled the little girl to stand nearby and asked nervously.

“Ghost.” Gu Mozhi turned around and looked back at her, “A female ghost who doesn’t love cleanliness.”

Female student: “???”

Fortunately, the conversation at this side wasn’t loud enough for others to hear. Those who woke up afterwards also noticed the unusual sound of water. Each and every one of them was so nervous that they squeezed into a corner again.

Upon seeing this, the pink-haired youth couldn’t help but give a disdainful look: “What’s the use of you all crowding in there? That thing will block all of you to death as soon as it comes. You can’t escape.”

This action was the same as hiding in a dead end. He really didn’t know what they were thinking.

The pink-haired youth made sense, but few people dared to leave that area. After all, in a moment, if something filthy came in, it would need to come through the only entrance. Who would dare go near to that doorway?

After a while, some people came to the right corner of the entrance one after another. The sound of water came from the street on the left, and the right side felt safer. Here, it also happened to be near the doorway, and in case the female ghost goes in and walks directly to the coffin, they also have a chance to escape from the entrance.

Gu Mozhi, however, stood at the doorway nonchalantly, his brows knitted in a frown, and no one knew what he was thinking. The pink-haired youth and the female student have already retreated to the side. At the very least, they dare not block directly in the middle of the way. After the girl was led for two steps, she suddenly broke free from the female student’s hand and trotted to Gu Mozhi’s side, grabbing a corner of his clothes.

Gu Mozhi lowered his head to look at the little rascal: “You…”

“Big brother.” She clung to him nervously, “I-I’ll protect you!”

Big brother can’t be left alone to stand in the most dangerous place to resist the enemy!

Gu Mozhi paused and complied with her.

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