When A Destructive Wolf Joins An Escape Game – Ch.3 (Part 1)

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Telling ghosts stories in an infinite copy, this kind of destructive wolf was probably the first of its kind before and generations to come.

At the beginning, the players pricked up their ears to listen and watched as the dim light of the night was gradually getting darker. In the far distance, the storyteller still didn’t intend to stop talking, and slowly, some of them couldn’t stand it. Fortunately, Gu Mozhi made up such a long story for himself that his sleepiness also came up. As a result, before everyone stood up to stop him, he voluntarily ended tonight’s bedtime story.

“There’s still a lot left to say, but no more, lest you fall asleep in fear at night.” Gu Mozhi brazenly said.

The little girl tightly clutched the corner of Gu Mozhi’s clothes and nodded with a taut little face. In fact, she was so scared that she couldn’t sleep. Only with big brother around could she feel a little peace of mind.

Gu Mozhi closed his mouth, and the mourning hall inside soon quieted down again. Although the silent mourning hall somewhat scared them, it was better than the mourning hall that tells ghost stories.

He didn’t mind the shivering players huddled together as he leaned against the wall and closed his eyes, minding his own business. Everyone looked at his sleeping face silently. This guy scared them so much that in the end, they couldn’t fall asleep… However, to let them go and argue with the other, they did not dare at all, for fear that Gu Mozhi would start telling ghost stories once again. Moreover, the pink-haired youth was not far away, eyeing menacingly. He and the pink-haired youth were a group.

The continuous patter of rain became louder, and the damp and chilly wind blew in. The crowd trembled and hid even deeper. In the entire ancestral hall, in addition to the pink-haired youth’s group of four who stayed around the entrance, the remaining fourteen people were not afraid of being crowded and were all nestled at the back door.

At this moment, they couldn’t think of how to escape in the case of danger if they were all crowded together. At the very least, being able to stay with a large army together was a little psychological comfort.

There was no clock in the hall, and the night was dragged on indefinitely. It was unknown how long it took, but everyone got sleepy. The little girl fell to one side drowsily. Gu Mozhi suddenly opened his eyes and reached out for her, so as not to knock her head on the ground.

The girl fell into his arms and slept soundly. Gu Mozhi looked down at this big-hearted little cub, but didn’t push her away, allowing her to lean against him and sleep on her own.

He turned his head and looked out of the entrance. From his point of view, he could not see much of the outside scenery and could only vaguely see a small area of the street.

Outside the mourning hall wasn’t a courtyard but a street made of bluestone. There were even old-fashioned buildings on both sides. In the night, it looked as if they were monsters with fangs and claws, without a bit of brightness. In fact, the whole street was only lit by the candles in the mourning hall. In addition to this, there was a clear moonlight.

Obviously, it was raining heavily, but the dark clouds weren’t able to cover the moon, which was very rare.

Gu Mozhi looked at the corner of the mourning hall, and the group of players who were scared into quails began to look sleepy. Also, after being so frightened, their spirits couldn’t bear it any longer. Although their hearts were still afraid, they couldn’t help yawning and went to sleep.

In the whole room, only the pink-haired youth was still keeping watch in silence. Before Gu Mozhi fell asleep, he vaguely heard him and the college girl discussing the night watch in whispers. At four o’clock, he will exchange with the girl to the vigil. Fortunately, the pink-haired youth had a watch, which made it much more convenient to arrange shifts.

After knowing about it, Gu Mozhi remembered that he seemed to be on duty for the vigil. However, the pink-haired youth didn’t mention it when they saw him asleep. If it were the average person, they would have been unhappy and felt that they had suffered a loss.

Despite this thought, Gu Mozhi still yawned and closed his eyes to continue sleeping. If worst comes to worst, protect them during the day and don’t expect him to stay up late at night.

Just like that, the hands of the watch slowly turned to three o’clock in the morning.

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