When A Destructive Wolf Joins An Escape Game – Ch.2 (Part 3)

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The college girl looked around and took the little girl to sit down beside him.

The little girl stared at Gu Mozhi with sparkling eyes and reached out to poke him softly in the arm: “Big brother, why are you not afraid at all ah? You’re still able to get sleep.”

Gu Mozhi originally intended to close his eyes and rest. Hearing this, he opened his eyes and looked down at the human cub. She looked innocent, kind and quite sensible, unlike all the cubs Gu Mozhi had come across.

It should be known that the cubs of the demon race were annoying little devils. This kind of creature can be said to be the pinnacle of the bear children* group, and there’s nothing more hateful than cats and dogs than them. Although Gu Mozhi himself grew up from a small demon to a big one, he was still not very grateful to this kind of creature and suffered from such creatures.

(T/N: A bear child – a child who is naughty/mischievous or a spoiled brat.)

At first, when he saw a well-behaved cub, he couldn’t help but find it novel and interesting. All of a sudden, his sleepiness disappeared.

“To this extent, it’s not scary.” He rarely spoke to a cub in a good mood and with a kind voice, “I eat… I’ve seen more ghosts than you’ve eaten.”

“Is there really a ghost in the world?” Sure enough, the small cub was attracted, and she asked curiously.

Gu Mozhi raised his eyebrows: “The world has been destroyed, and you have been brought into this game. Do you think there are ghosts? This world is a magical existence oh.”

The girl propped up her face and thought for a moment: “I know there should be ghosts in this game, but I want to ask if the world I used to live in also has ghosts. I think ghosts only exist in the game.”

The college girl next to her pricked up her ears as well. She was also very curious about this question.

“Of course.” Gu Mozhi said without batting an eye.

In fact, he didn’t see ghosts in the previous world, but the world was already destroyed anyway. He said that there was, and no one can prove that he’s lying.

“I rented a house before, and there was a hanged ghost inside…” Gu Mozhi lowered his voice and spoke in a gloomy tone.

Making up ghost stories was a piece of cake for him.

The audience around him shuddered, scared and curious. They stayed where they were, wondering whether they should distance themselves. Facts have proven that human beings are always so contradictory. They were obviously as timid as a mouse but were full of curiosity for the unknown excitement.

Gradually, everyone quieted down, and the mourning hall resumed its silence. Apart from the desolate sound of the rain outside, only Gu Mozhi’s current made-up ghost story reverberated.

“…I suddenly woke up that day in the wee hours of the morning and heard the sound of gently scratching the wall, as if it was coming from under the bed. I probed my head out to look below, and then I saw…”

The author has something to say:

Gu Mozhi: I saw a delicious, crispy, chicken flavor.

Ghost: !!! I don’t taste good !!!

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