When A Destructive Wolf Joins An Escape Game – Ch.2 (Part 2)

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Someone panicked and pointed at the pink-haired youth: “We’ll choose him, choose them! Don’t punish us!”

“Weren’t you discussing about who would keep watch at night? How did it take so long? Did you do it on purpose?” Some people discontentedly accused the pink-haired youth’s group of four.

However, the system remained completely unmoved, and the pink-haired youth’s group of four looked on coldly from the sidelines. Even the little girl, with her big black and white eyes, looked at those strange adults for no apparent reason.

They might not have reacted so much if they were at ordinary times, but they have just experienced the destruction of the world, and these people have been calm and incompetent for a long time. The previous calmness was merely not strong enough or it hadn’t come back yet. In any case, the supernatural phenomenon dealt a huge blow to their spirits. Now, they encountered such changes and completely erupted.

The college girl subconsciously pulled the little girl into her arms and whispered: “Don’t worry about them. Big sister will protect you.”

The girl hugged her back and nodded: “Big sister, I will also protect you.”

【The 018th Newcomer’s Copy Triggers Punishment: All players are forced to participate in the vigil until early morning, and no one can obtain the invincible effect in this vigil. Asking all players to keep a vigil seriously and don’t slack off.】

“Grass![1]” Someone hurriedly ran to push the door at the back of the hall, and immediately panicked when they discovered that they couldn’t push it.

(T/N: Grass! = F*ck!)

The only way to leave the mourning hall now was through the entrance, but it was raining outside. Moreover, the night scene outside was dark. At first glance, it looked very ominous, and no one dared to run out.

“Was this your objective?!” The middle-aged uncle glared at the four of them fiercely, “Now, everyone will accompany you. If you don’t dare to keep watch at night, don’t try to keep up appearances. Are you trying to kill us by deliberately delaying the time limit?”

The pink-haired youth had a bad temper. Having heard what he said, he immediately exploded and sneered: “Don’t dare to keep watch at night, and one has the nerve to talk about us? Who was it before saying a bunch of nonsense and wasted time? Some people reminded you all not to miss the time limit and to not talk too much, but now you know the importance of the time limit by triggering the punishment?”

“You!” The uncle was so angry that he couldn’t wait to come and fight with him, but when he saw the sharp force as soon as the pink-haired youth rolled up his sleeves, he chickened out.

Although he seemed a bit thin and weak, he looked as if he was a gangster. Maybe he truly is a gangster and was probably an expert fighter. A middle-aged uncle with a beer belly may not necessarily be able to beat him.

Due to the difference in the value of strength, all the people who had opinions before held back their words. The vigorous pink-haired youth waved his fist at them as a warning and then stopped with satisfaction.

This time, no one was making any more disturbance. The matter has already happened, so it’s useless to talk about it. Besides, it felt a lot safer with everyone keeping a vigil together, no matter how it looked. On the contrary, everyone going back to their rooms to rest alone and staying in their own room made them even more insecure.

Most people were satisfied with the current situation when they thought about it. Thus, no one caused any trouble.

Gu Mozhi saw that there was no drama to watch and leaned back lazily against the wall. This game was affecting his rest. If it weren’t for waiting for a ghost to come, he would’ve gone back by himself to rest in his room.

Now that he couldn’t walk away, he can only rest in place. Without suspecting if the ground was dirty, he directly sat down, leaned against the wall behind him and yawned.

Translator’s Notes:

[1]: In the raws, that person really said ‘草’ (pinyin: cǎo), which means ‘grass’. But it actually shares a similar pronunciation to ‘肏’ (pinyin: cào), which means ‘to f*ck’. So in a way, you can see that they’re swearing.

A tip from the translator: For those who’ve been waiting and wondering, the MC will finally start talking in the next part since he hadn’t had a single line yet. Stay tuned~

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  1. Ahahaha.. it’s alright if he doesn’t speak, his mind also shows up his character. Normally I don’t really like horror game setting stories, but this one have a good and slow introduction, I’m willing to give it a try.
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  2. I’m waiting to see MC having his first meal
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