When A Destructive Wolf Joins An Escape Game – Ch.2 (Part 1)

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“Children these days are really daring.” The girl who previously rebuked the middle-aged woman sighed, “When I was a child, I wasn’t afraid of anything, and I watched The Ring alone at night. Now, I can’t do it. I don’t dare to click open a horror movie at all.”

The girl heard what she said and only smiled cutely without giving any response.

Gu Mozhi listened and thought that this girl spoke strangely, always with a sense of mockery. He lifted his eyelids to glance at everyone, and finally moved his gaze to the little girl.

The adults in this room were no better than a child.

The pink-haired youth was indifferent to the dispute between them and had long expected that it would be like this. He simply beckoned the college girl to walk towards Gu Mozhi and the little girl. When he got closer, he said: “It doesn’t matter if it’s just the four of us. To be honest, I thought that only me and this beauty would be willing to keep watch at night. Let’s discuss how to arrange it. One of us four can only take one day, while the rest will take two days.”

“So, is it possible to be on night watch continuously?” The girl suddenly responded.

If that is the case, then the situation is very delicate. This time, some of them were willing to keep vigil. What would they do if none of the eighteen people were willing? Choose a person at the bottom of the food chain and then force him to constantly keep watch for seven days?

The girl immediately frowned and realized that the game might be more sinister than she thought.

“That’s human nature.” The little girl added solemnly.

Gu Mozhi raised an eyebrow and found it interesting. Children nowadays are truly wise beyond their years and understand everything.

The pink-haired youth couldn’t help laughing and praised: “Little sister, you know so much.”

“Why don’t we take turns for three days and two days?” The girl rubbed the little girl’s head, “She’s too young, and I don’t feel reassured. I guess the first night should be the safest or let her be the first?”

“But on the first day, nobody knows the rules…” The pink-haired youth hesitated a bit, “It’s better to let her come the next day so that the night watchman on the first day can sum up some experiences and rules.”

The girl thought for a moment: “Okay. Then who will go on the first day?”

Gu Mozhi didn’t speak the whole time and listened to their discussion casually. For him, a vigil is the same whenever.

Upon seeing this, the others hid far away. They didn’t want to get involved at all. Only the young man hesitated for a while, but ultimately, he still didn’t take a step forward and chose to follow the crowd to hide away.

“For the first day, how about we play rock-paper-scissors…”

Halfway through the conversation, they suddenly heard the prompt tone once again just now.

【It’s already 12 o’clock. Unfortunately, you all have not made a choice. Therefore, all of you must receive punishment.】

Everyone, who had been minding their own business, immediately became flustered.

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