When A Destructive Wolf Joins An Escape Game – Ch.1 (Part 3)

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Upon seeing this, a college girl dressed beautifully in a Korean dress smiled and eased the atmosphere: “Actually, a vigil isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The night watchman has an invincible buff during the day, which means that daytime is also dangerous. The night watchman only needs to face the danger at night, while the others must be alert 24 hours a day. I don’t think the ghosts will let us off when we sleep.”

“You’re right.” Finally, there was someone with a brain and the pink-haired youth nodded with satisfaction, “But a vigil in the mourning hall is certainly a bit more dangerous than in other places. You can weigh the advantages and disadvantages yourself. Those who are willing to keep watch at night raise their hands. Let’s count and arrange the shift for these seven days. Those who don’t want to, don’t regret it later.”

People are selfish. If you show them that keeping watch at night wasn’t dangerous and that you will get a buff in the daytime, it is estimated that those who were originally not willing will rush to come. He made it clear in advance, and he seemed full of confidence if ever the moment comes when someone will refuse.

Gu Mozhi listened with great interest for a while and felt that with more than a few interesting players, the game finally wasn’t that boring.

However, their efforts to persuade did not achieve much good results. Apart from the pink-haired youth, a college girl, Gu Mozhi, and a small-looking girl, no fifth person was raising their hands.

The young man looked at the people who raised their hands, flabbergasted: “You- aren’t you afraid? This strange place might really have ghosts!”

Even those who believed in atheism can no longer feel calm after experiencing the destruction of the previous world. Look at the meaning of the system, this game was much more dangerous, and maybe ghosts were just a mere trifle. They were all very afraid of death. Even if they knew in their hearts that going back to sleep wasn’t necessarily safe, most of them still subconsciously chose to escape and stay as far away from the mourning hall as possible.

“Of course, I’m afraid ah.” The girl looked at him, and her voice was very soft. She earnestly replied, “But there are some things that cannot be solved by escaping.”

They will have to go through another nine games. Can they live to the end by escaping all the time? She didn’t think she had the good luck, nor did she think the game’s Lord God would be so kind. Instead of waiting passively, she chose to take the initiative.

Only by forcing yourself to adapt to the game as soon as possible and comprehending the game strategy earlier on can one survive better.

The reason for the pink-haired youth was a bit simpler. He was not afraid of ghosts or death. On the contrary, he had some expectations for the upcoming ghosts and wanted to see what real ghosts looked like. Perhaps it’s Lord Ye’s passion for dragons[1], but it’s undeniable that he’s very brave at the moment.

(T/N: An idiom which means to pretend to be fond of something while actually fearing it or not liking it. There’s also a story I found from the internet about it, and you can read it below at the end of this chap if you’re interested.)

The young man also looked towards Gu Mozhi, but Gu Mozhi yawned and ignored him.

“..….” He looked at the last girl in her teens, “Aren’t you afraid?”

It was a twelve-year-old young girl, wearing a junior high school uniform and a red scarf. At first glance, she looked like she was in her first year in junior middle school and had not yet joined the Communist Youth League. She had a small ponytail and wore a beautiful hairpin. Originally, she was not very conspicuous when standing at the back of the crowd, but in order to let her upraised hand be seen by the pink-haired youth, she pushed forward and squeezed into the front.

She gave a cute smile to the young man: “Uncle, I’m fine. I’m not particularly scared.”

Young man: “…Just call me big brother.”

What’s the matter with children nowadays? How can they casually call someone uncle!

The author has something to say:

To Gu Mozhi, who was a few hundred years old: Big brother, you are so good.

To the twenty-year-old young man: Hello, uncle.

Young man: ??? I feel like I’m being targeted.

Translator’s Notes:

[1]: 春秋时,有个叫叶公的人,他非常喜欢龙。在他的家里到处可以看到龙的图案。他常常得意地对大家说:“我最喜欢的就是龙!”
In the Spring and Autumn Period, a Lord Ye was said to be very fond of dragons. Dragon pictures and carvings could be seen everywhere in his house. He was always proud to say, “What I like most is the dragon!”

When a real dragon in the heaven heard what he had professed, it was very moved and decided to pay a visit to Lord Ye’s home and express his appreciation. But when Lord Ye saw the real dragon, he was so frightened that he shouted “help” while running out for his life. The dragon felt very disappointed and exclaimed, “Well, what he loved was not me but things like the dragon after all!”

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