When A Destructive Wolf Joins An Escape Game – Ch.1 (Part 2)

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After all, if it wasn’t because it was about to collapse, how could there be a rift in time and space connected with purgatory? It may be assumed that from that time on, the space of the world had already begun to crack.

All of this had nothing to do with Gu Mozhi, who was only innocently involved. Fortunately, he was drawn into the game. Otherwise, he would have to spend a lot of effort to find a chance to escape from the collapsed world.

He was much calmer compared to the other players who were panicking. As a demon, ghosts are actually part of his diet. He was afraid of nothing and wasn’t afraid of food, so his reaction to this thrilling and exciting game was mediocre. Now, it wasn’t certain if a ghost will come out, but he didn’t care very much about it.

After coming to the world, Gu Mozhi tasted a lot of human snacks. He became addicted to eating, drinking, and playing for half a month, and had long forgotten the smell of ghosts. Before a ghost actually showed up, he might have heard that fried chicken would be more appetizing.

Who let the ghosts in purgatory get the smell of purgatory? The taste was weird and not delicious. Gu Mozhi didn’t have a choice before. He ate a lot of purgatory ghosts, and that kind of disgusting taste remained fresh in his mind. When there’s a mention of a ghost, his first reaction was to vomit.

He hoped the ghosts here are a little better and not that unpalatable.

Just as Gu Mozhi was pondering over a midnight snack, some of the players finally spoke.

“That… shall we start choosing the night watchman now?” The speaker was a young man. He scratched his head and thought that no matter how silent it was, it was already almost midnight. He didn’t know what will happen if the time limit exceeded.

Everyone looked towards him in unison, seeing him quiver and very uncomfortable.

Someone broke the silence, and others began to speak one after another. But the topics they talk about have nothing to do with choosing people.

The first person who spoke was an uncle: “Are you all from the world that was destroyed… and then got pulled in?” When he talked about the destruction of the world, his expression was a bit strange, as if he still hadn’t fully accepted the fact.

As soon as they heard this, everyone immediately started chattering. They were obviously more willing to talk about this topic than choosing who to be the night watchman.

“I am.” “Me too!” “It should be both, I suppose…” “My goodness, am I really not dreaming?” “……”

Seeing that they were talking more and more vigorously, the young man quickly interrupted: “It’s almost midnight, let’s choose someone first.”

“Choose, choose, choose, can you put it another way? We are no fools that we need you to remind us!” A middle-aged uncle said angrily.

An old woman gave the young man a critical look: “Hey, young man, if you are in such a hurry, why don’t you come and be on the first day?”

Immediately, someone seconded: “I think this proposal is good.” Anyway, as long as they weren’t the night watchman themselves, they have no problem.

“Is that a good idea?” A docile middle-aged woman glanced at them awkwardly, “The young man looks too young and probably has no experience. If by any chance that something bad will happen during the vigil, wouldn’t it be dangerous?”

“Then, you think you should find someone with experience? Auntie, I think you are quite experienced.” A young girl immediately rebuked, saying that while deliberately smiling sweetly at her.

The middle-aged woman was speechless.

“Don’t argue anymore.” A seemingly rowdy-looking young man with pink hair, suddenly interrupted everyone trying to shift the responsibility onto each other. “There are seven nights, and there are only eighteen people here. At least one-third of us have to be chosen for the vigil. I think it’s better to choose together now, so as to avoid trouble later.”

These words made sense, but everyone didn’t want to hear it. At present, who was willing to decide their life or death for the next few days? Managing a day is still a day.

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