When A Destructive Wolf Joins An Escape Game – Ch.1 (Part 1)

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In the stillness of the night, the pitter-patter of rain sounded especially clear.

Inside the mourning hall covered with white silk curtains, white candles shone with flickering flames, illuminating the small hall clearly. Eighteen people stood scattered in a corner of the room, far away from the coffin in the middle.

The night wind blew in water vapor from the wide-open door, freezing everyone to a tingle, and the flames on the candles became even more erratic.

The atmosphere turned eerie for a moment.

Suddenly, melodious music sounded in everyone’s ears. It brought a sense of appeasement and actually didn’t scare them. They looked around in an attempt to find the place where the sound came from but found nothing.

【Welcome to the 《Abyss Game》. I am the assistant system 018 of Lord Ye Xu, the Lord God of the game.

Let’s start with the rules of this round of the game:

This copy lasts for seven days. All players, please try your best to survive until the end of the first seven days. If you die in the middle, the game is considered a failure;

Each night, a night watchman should be selected among the players to stand alone in the mourning hall to receive the mourning guests. The remaining players can return to their rooms at night to rest;

The night watchman has an absolute safety shield during the day, which can be immune to all damage.

I wish everyone a happy game!】

【Please select the night watchman before midnight.】

Doing a night watch in the mourning hall?! The silent crowd instantly became alarmed. They looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what to do.

Even in an ordinary mourning hall, a vigil seemed gloomy and terrifying. To keep watch in this game, which appeared unsafe at first glance, who knows what will happen.

Gu Mozhi was standing by the side of the corner nearest to the door. He leaned against the wall behind him with boredom and yawned lazily, not in the least bit affected by the words just made by the system.

《Abyss Game》, it can be seen from its name that it’s a kind of infinite stream of supernatural and horror escape games, but it was also a real infinite-type game. The failure of the game was no laughing matter. Everyone here was not a fool, and no one will be stupid enough to think that there will be no serious consequences if the game fails.

After all, they’ve only just recently experienced an extreme major disaster.

——The sky was falling apart, literally.

All players present are newcomers to the game for the first time. Moreover, they all came from the same place, which was a world that had just died out.

It wasn’t known if the world finally couldn’t bear the load, or if something had happened. There was a saltwater intrusion, and the sun and moon fell. The world was destroyed, and everything came without warning.

Fortunately, human beings were not destroyed altogether but were pulled into the game world by the abyss game. Before entering the novice copy, all of them received a notice from the novice reception system. It is said that as long as they clear ten copies, they can choose a peaceful world to revive themselves. This was a great temptation for the already homeless players.

However, Gu Mozhi was not concerned at all.

He wasn’t originally from that unlucky world, he was a demon from purgatory. Because his bloody curiosity led him into a crack that he stumbled upon by accident, afterwards, just as expected, he ran to the other world in the end. This “other world” was the unfortunate place that had just been destroyed. Gu Mozhi stayed there for only half a month, and the world perished, making him wonder whether he should lament his misfortune for a while.

Of course, he had already reflected that the destruction of the world had nothing to do with him. As a matter of fact, there was a clue previously that the world will be destroyed.

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